2008 Brink Award Nomination

Eric Rue makes very large highly intelligent paintings full of complex oddly graceful forms in illusionistic space. His paintings are full of gesture veering toward surrealism. They are abstract while morphing suddenly into figural or machine-like shapes. They demand to be looked at. They fill up the spaces in which they hang with explosive modernist qualities not often seen today.

Eric Rue received his B.F.A. from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2005 where he was my student in 3rd year painting and also my advisee for senior thesis. I was very impressed with his ambition and energy, matched by his visual thinking which is wide ranging, with promise for future big achievements. Since graduation he has worked steadily and exhibited in Portland as well as in group shows in Seattle (Gallery 110) and New York City (55 Mercer Gallery). Recently he has been included in Studio Visit Magazine curated by Michael Klein. He has also traveled extensively to European urban art centers in the last few years; Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London, and Amsterdam. I very much encourage you to look seriously at his work. He would make a wonderful choice for your Brink award.


Lucinda Parker
Professor Emerita
Portland, Oregon October 14, 2008

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